Wash bags

Best practice to keep clear and used facemasks separate at all times. Once facemask is used place it in a bag, this can be a sandwich/freezer bag, or one of our wash bags. Always wash hands after touching a used facemask.
With this in mind we have small handmade polycotton wash bags. These also could be used to keep your clean face masks. (keep clean and used face masks separate at all times). These have been made in single block colours, so that they are easy to see inside your bag and in the washing machine.
Wash bags with the used face masks (two can be washed in one bag) can be put into your normal wash at 60 degrees. Once washed remove the clean face masks and air dry. Both Face mask and wash bags can be ironed.


Small Wash Bags

  • Wash bags are made of 100% polycotton fabric double layer. They have a draw tie of the same fabric to close the bag. 

    - 100% polycotton fabric
    - Washable
    - Reusable
    - Width: 23 cm approx
    - Height : 21 cm approx.
    - Handmade in the UK.