100% pleated cotton Facemasks and wash bags

I decided to make the pleated design, as this is the basic design of the ones worn by staff in hospitals. The pleats can be opened up to fit most faces, as fit is important to maximise the benefits. I’ve chosen cotton ties, instant of elastic, for a number of reasons. Hearing from friends in care homes, the elastic irritates their ears, if made into a loop this may be too big or too small for your ears, if there is a knot this again could irritate. Our facemasks can be washed many times.


Our Face masks are handmade from 100% cotton, which has been pre-washed before cutting the fabric, these ones have two cotton layers with an sown in Polyproylene filter, the ties are of the same cotton to fasten around the top and neck of your head. The internal nose bridge is made from washable aluminium.


As our Facemasks are reusable, to help with keeping them clean before wearing and once worn pop them straight into a bag. We sale wash bags. These are 100% polycotton double layer with a draw tie of the same fabric. They are in single block colours, so easy to see inside your bag and in the washing machine.


Please be aware that these masks are non-medical grade.

The following advice given here has been gathered from the UK Government and WHO (World Health Organisation).   

Remember wearing a mask only offers a minimal barrier, does not protect you from other people, but could help in protecting other people from you.

You must at all times adhere to the main Government guidelines on how to protect yourself which at the moment is keep a two-metre social distance, try not touching your face and wash/sanitiser hands as often as possible.  

Stay safe.

Facemasks with Filter

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  • Our facemasks are not medical masks.

    Facemasks are made of 100% cotton fabric double layer with a Polypropylene filter and  a washable aluminium nose bridge and ties made from the same fabric as the mask. As most of the tension is at the sides where the pleats open up, the ties have been double stitched for extra hold.

    100% Polypropylene is a non-woven fabric, which is breathable but water repellent and washable. DO NOT IRON OR TUMBLE DRY! This is technical fabric that will melt. It can be washed at 60.

    - 100% cotton fabric

    - Long cotton ties

    - Polypropylene Filter

    - Washable

    - Reusable

    - Average unisex adult size.

    - Width (not including straps): 21 cm approx.

    - Height when flat: 9 cm approx

    - Height when open: 16 cm approx.

    - Each head tie: 1 metre approx.

    - Nose bridges  Aluminium. 

    - Handmade in the UK.