'Red and green should never be seen' is an old phrase originating in Britain in fashion. However, not only do I disagree, but nature does too.  So many thing in nature are red and green. 


As its looking like a 'Zoom' meetings will be around for a while,  add a little sparkle to your hair.


Green & Red Hair slides

SKU: 222
  • Transparent Resin with a Glitter coating and finished with a base metal hair clip.


    Each piece is handmade, making each piece unique, but not too different to the photographs. 




    Overtime plated jewellery is liable to tarnish, to help prolong this happening and to take care of your jewellery we advise that you keep them away from water, perfume, chlorine, cosmetics, body lotions and not in direct sunlight for a prolong period.

    When not wearing your jewellery, keep it in the original gift box, or another closed vessel, like a jewellery box/bag.




    Your jewellery will be posted wrapped in tissue paper with an anti-tarnish tab, jewellery care card and a soft cleaning cloth. Gift box wrapped with a ribbon in a jiffy bag.

    The tissue paper, jewellery care card, gift box, ribbon and jiffy bag are all made using recycled and/or recyclable materials.